About PMC

PMC Excavating was created strictly on the passion for moving dirt and the love of machinery. We love the feeling …

Site Development

Site development includes a variety of activities to transform your residential or commercial real estate plans into reality.

Hauling Services

Our hauling services includes transporting up to 18,500 pounds of heavy equipment or construction materials. For example:  Concrete debris Dirt …


Removal of large amounts of material for your residential or commercial needs in preparation for various projects. For example:


Land Clearing

Cutting, clearing and removing vegetation in preparation for your future plans.


Construction to design, build or repair your motocross track or trail

Snow Removal

Let us remove your snow to make it easier for you.

Driveway Installation

Driveway installation or removal

Pond and Waterways

Create, repair or maintain ponds and waterways for your residential or commercial needs. Below is a pond PMC Excavating rebuilt …


Trenching for utilities installation